Make Sure Your Child Has the Proper Support

Make Sure Your Child Has the Proper Support

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Your child should have everything he or she needs to succeed, no matter what’s going on between you and your former partner. Child support is the process through which a parent pays money to the other to ensure their child has proper shelter, food, clothing, etc. It is the legal responsibility for both parents to provide financial support for his or her children.

The court will determine what amount of child support is fair based on the family’s circumstances. Michael A. Troy will support you in the courtroom to ensure your voice is heard and your child’s best interests are protected

4 factors that influence child support

Numerous factors determine the amount of child support. The main factor is custody. If you and the other parent share custody, neither parent will pay or receive child support. A few other factors also play into child support, including:

The parent’s income
Child care costs
Health insurance costs
Medical expenses

No matter what side of the situation you’re on, you need a committed attorney to guide you through the child support proceedings. Michael A. Troy will help you handle the legal and emotional complexities and represent you even if you default on child support payments. Contact our Washington, D.C. child support attorney today to discuss your matter.