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When you are business owner you will be involved in different types of transactions with individuals and possibly other companies. Often times these transactions occur as a result of an agreed upon contract between the parties involved.

A standard "rule of thumb" is to ensure that you have fully read and understand any contracts which you've signed on behalf of your business. A contract is meant to form a clear, legally binding agreement between two or more parties.

When you find yourself in a business dispute as a result of a disagreement over the terms of a contract then contact Attorney Troy.

Business litigation services

Business litigation services

Attorney Troy provides a variety of legal services to businesses litigation. Attorney Troy will work to resolve and defend any business dispute including:

•Contract disputes
•Corporate, LLC, & Partnership disputes
•Business fraud
•Fraudulent transfers
•Breach of contract
•Real estate fraud
•Trade secrete misappropriation
•Professional malpractice
•Business torts
•Breach of fiduciary duty
•Shareholder & partnership mediation

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