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Plaintiffs, Third Parties, In Custody Cases, May Lack Standing to Bring Their Claims against Biological Parents

Third parties-those who are not a child’s biological, or “de facto” parent- can sue for custody in the District of Columbia under the Safe and Stable Homes for Children and Youth Act of 2007 (the “Act”). D.C. Code Ann. Secs. 16-831.01 to -831.13, 4-251.0 to .04, 23-2301 (2009). A parent may move to dismiss a

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Custody in the District of Columbia

A judge in the District of Columbia is required to base a determination of custody by considering the best interest of the child. The law assumes that in most cases it is best for a child to be raised by both parents. This idea is described as a presumption that joint custody is in the

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How to Establish Parentage in the District of Columbia

In the District of Columbia, when a child is born to unmarried parents or parents who are not in a domestic partnership, there is no automatic legal relationship between the father and the child. The biological father’s name will not be placed on the birth certificate without filling out an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP). This

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