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No matter what size your business is, you will most likely find yourself entering into contracts on behalf of your business. As a business owner himself, Michael, understands that you are always looking at the bottom line. You might believe that you can draft your own contract or agreement by yourself. However, the truth is that there are some things in life that you shouldn't "cut corners on". Hiring an experienced contract attorney is one of those things.

Contract drafting, review, & enforcement

As a business owner you will need to set up agreements in regards to:


A contract is defined as a written agreement that is formal and legally binding. Attorney Troy provides assistance to business owners who need assistance with contracts for their business.

Our experienced business law attorney is able to assist in regards to all aspects of contracts including:


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Custom, comprehensive, and complete contracts

Custom, comprehensive, and complete contracts

Attorney Troy is able to draft, review, and help you enforce a wide-range of business related contracts such as:

•Customer contracts
•Vendor contractors
•Partnership agreements
•Licensing agreements
•Sale or purchase of goods
•Joint ventures
•Shareholder agreements
•Mergers and acquisitions

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